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A comparison between the KTM 200 Duke and Pulsar 200 NS Agustus 9, 2012

Posted by andypierre in Pulsar.

A comparison between the KTM 200 Duke and Pulsar 200 NS


I. Performance
KTM: High power to weight ratio combined with low gearing spread across a 6-speed box spells good take-off and fast sprinting. The quick-revving engine puts down those horses fast and the bike prods you to ride harder.Pulsar: The 200NS has a good engine, a well matched gearbox and relatively high power to weight ratio. Good throttle response and a predictably sharp clutch makes it quick off the blocks and a good sprinter. The engine begs to be thrashed and responds tirelessly.

Verdict: The KTM has a slight edge here what with a more powerful engine, less weight and better running chassis.

II. Seat

KTM: This one is best ridden solo. The pillion treatment is stepmotherly but the rider has a good place to park his behind. The seat padding is firm and should be good for long hauls. The non-slip dimpled cover allows you to move only when you want to. No inadvertant sliding forward everytime you brake hard.

Pulsar: They both seemed similar on this count with the KTM pillion being a trifle worse off that the one on the 200NS, not just because of a smaller seat area on the KTM but also due to the rear footpegs being placed a little higher.

Verdict: The Pulsar appears to have a slight edge here, winning not just due to a marginally wider seat but also with better pillion comfort.


III. Electricals and Instruments
KTM: A very comprehensive instrument console with that multi-function display that probably gives the rider more information than he would regularly expect or use. The lights again seem right and should do a good reliable job.

Pulsar: The instruments might not be as sophisticated as the KM’s MFD but the 200NS has a comprehensive complement of features in its display. The ‘sidestand’ indication, twin trip displays, engine oil level and temp, low battery indication and a shift light are pretty good per se.

Verdict: The KTM MFD wins but the 200NS is close behind it.


IV. Fuel Efficiency
KTM: The Duke is purpose made with a certain brief on performance where fuel economy was not very high up in the priority list. Adequate but not above that.

Pulsar: The 200NS engine has been designed for upping the ante especially in thermal and volumetric efficieny stakes. And it shine there. With a claimed 58 kmpl under the Indian Driving Cycle and the figure dropping by about 30% or so at around 100 kph says a lot about fuel efficiency especially on a naked bike.

Verdict: The 200NS is an outright winner here.


V. Range
KTM: A small 10 ltr tank could be the Duke’s achille’s heel for long rides, more so with its average fuel efficiency.

Pulsar: The 200NS has a 12 ltr tank capacity and that allied with its better mileage gives is almost 30% more miles between fuel stops

Verdict: Again the 200NS wins here.


VI. Brand Impact

KTM:The KTM is a very coveted brand but this passion for it remains limited mainly within the enthusiasts.

Pulsar: The ‘Pulsar’ is almost a household name amongst bikers in India and a product like the 200NS that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best anywhere is a matter of pride for its owner. And less anxiety about long term ownership needs.

Verdict: The KTM is new, exotic and globally respected. The Pulsar stands proud here and is growing globally. The KTM assures of purposeful quality while the Pulsar is reassuring as it has been always there and apparently will always be.


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